In Partnership With

I have been working with BrightKidz since 2017, and together we hope to encourage sustainable travel to both the corporate business world and to the school sector. Brightkidz are available to attend travel clinics in conjunction with Travel Plan Consultancy Ltd.

A bit about BrightKidz....

For over a decade Brightkidz social enterprise has been helping councils, schools and parents to promote active, everyday travel for children.

It was founded by Alison Holland, a mother of three, after she organised a 'walking bus' scheme at her son's school and saw the need for information and products to support walk-to-school  initiatives.

They developed their information and products with the aim of getting more children across the UK (and further afield) to walk to school, scoot and cycle more.

Safety is always a key concern for parents and teachers, so Brightkidz also provide road safety resources and information, such as ideas on how to teach ‘be bright, be seen'. They are known for their unique, supporting range of fluorescent, reflective products for children.

Nowadays Brightkidz is not just for children! They also work in partnership with businesses to promote active travel to and from workplaces.

See their full range of products, information and links to their social media at