1. Sick Leave
    Sick Leave
    Did you know that staff that regularly walk or cycle to work take 27% less sick leave per annum.
  2. Improved Performance
    Improved Performance
    Studies have shown that work performance can be improved by between 4% and 15% when staff engage in regular walking and cycling.
  3. Walk To Work
    Walk To Work
    Walking to and from work helps staff to achieve the daily recommended 10,000 steps a day.
  1. Cycling
    Cycling to work improves cardio-vascular and aerobic fitness, lowers blood pressure and boosts energy. Cycling to work can make employees happier as they aren't sitting in traffic and can often arrive to work quicker than it would take to drive.
  2. Reduce Carparking
    Reduce Carparking
    By encouraging staff to walk, cycle or use public transport, you will reduce demand on your car parks.
  3. If only
    If only
    Did you know that if each staff member sustainably travelled just once a week, daily congestion on local road networks could be reduced by 20%
  1. Sustainable Travel
    Sustainable Travel
    By encouraging staff to travel by sustainable modes, for example, by installing cycle stands, you are more likely to attract a range of applicants and more of them. If the business is more accessible you may be able to attract people who would otherwise miss out despite being an ideal candidate
  2. Showers
    By installing showers more staff are likely to consider walking, cycling or running to work. Consider installing locker storage for staff to store a change of clothing and their toiletries
  3. Travel Options
    Travel Options
    By providing more travel options your company improves its business reputation, encourages repeat business and recommendations to other businesses. Showing you consider the effect on the local economy, makes your business more attractive as a business with a good image.
  1. Travel Plan
    Travel Plan
    A Travel Plan, and encouraging staff to sustainably travel, can support any applications for green credentials or memberships such as ISO1401
  2. The Community
    The Community
    As well as Walking, Cycling and using Public Transport, Car Sharing supports the local community and businesses, by reducing the number of vehicles on the local road networks. Your business will not be seen as causing congestion in the area which will enhance relations within the local community